1. Do not forget your history while you are out enjoying your Labor Day festivities.


  2. This little dude has had a little bit of a cold the last day or two and last night around like 2 woke up bawling with a bad cough.  It took him a fair bit of time to get settled down in bed with us, but that did not stop him from being up and in action not too long after 6.  On the plus side his cough seems to be mostly gone this morning, but we are both definitely a little on the tired side this morning (Navyy is still sleeping as per her usual weekend routine).  Particularly glad today is not a working day today.  Planning on picking some hops over at the mother-in-law’s house today, taking a bath given the current state of my hair, maybe doing a little cleaning/rearranging, but otherwise it should be a pretty quiet day at home for me.  Navyy is working this evening, her first night with her new promotion responsibilities, hoping it goes well!


  3. 10 Books

    I was tagged by sapphicqueenofhell to list out 10 books that have stuck with me over the years.  I am going with 11, because the last one popped into my head as I was thinking through the last couple on here.

    1. Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions
    2. Margaret Wise Brown - Goodnight Moon
    3. Raymond Carver - Where I’m Calling From
    4. Crockett Johnson - Harold and the Purple Crayon
    5. Tom Robbins - Only Cowgirls Get the Blues
    6. Italo Calvino - If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler
    7. Kurt Vonnegut - Cat’s Cradle
    8. Gunther Grass - The Flounder
    9. Banana Yoshimoto - Kitchen
    10. Haruki Murakami - After the Quake
    11. TC Boyle - Stories

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  4. Tagged

    Got tagged by bumbleeebeees & queeringthrulife, so here is some stuff!

    Five facts about me:

    1. When I was a kid I used to get this exact same recurrent dream when I was sick.  I would be surfing down this twisting line of sand in space and then it would begin to bunch up and then these voices would start to get louder and louder, then I would wake up.  Every time without fail I would then be sick & running a fever.  This has not happened to me since age 14 but it was really pretty weird/fascinating.
    2. I bought my first computer mostly to play Civilization II.  My parents helped to pay for a portion of it, but I worked a lot of chores, and saved a bunch of holiday/birthday money to make it happen.  So worth it.
    3. My favorite kind of cereal is Raisin Bran.  Woot fiber!
    4. At various points in my childhood I wanted to be a basketball player, President of the US, owner of a shipping line, musician, and airplane designer.  There might be a few others I am forgetting.
    5. I just watched this video and was pretty much overwhelmed by adorable, you should probably watch it too (Elephants are awesome):

    Five positive things about myself:

    1. I am really good at remembering random little things.  Mostly it is just a neat party trick (ie. reciting off a bunch of country’s capitals), but sometimes it can be actually quite useful.
    2. I was rocking my skinny jeans last night.
    3. I am a very compassionate person.
    4. I think I do a pretty awesome job as a parent.  I am not perfect (no one is!), but I am thoughtful, loving, enthusiastic, and engaged and that is what counts.
    5. I have a full head of hair, which makes me really happy for whatever reason.

    Not going to tag anyone else this morning, but feel free to do these if you are so inclined!


  5. Not that this is necessarily your point, but Dylans favorite thing in the whole world is cars and trucks with absolutely no nudging or directing by us whatsoever. Personally, Ive marvelled at that, but chalked it up to coincidence.

    No, this is exactly on point, especially when you think about it in the context of my own experience with myself & the Minky and these other responses (below).  Our own experiences are all really varied, and I would venture to guess that especially with less rigid gender norms that trend would only increase.  Some kids are going to play in gender typical ways  no matter what their socialization looks like.  Some are not.  Both should be seen as totally great - kids should be encouraged to play in ways that engage and stimulate them!  But the point is that the generalizations about gendered play are pretty unnecessary at best and potentially harmful at worst.  

    sorenjames replied to your post:Boys and Cars
    My mother tried very, very hard to socialize me as a girl. I think once I started taking my Barbie dolls apart to swap their heads with the Ken dolls she sort of gave up.

    ifjanetranit replied to your post: Boys and Cars

    My son never gave two shits about cars or sports (despite parents who LOVE sports). Go figure.

    Same here! I always correct people. Gavin LOVES trucks more than anything (but has been exposed to all kinds of age-appropriate toys) but he doesn’t love them “because hes a boy”

  6. little-big:

    This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but sums it well methinks. (Re trans-parenting's post).

    I have seen this one a few times, but yes, totally.