1. Tagged About Me Thing

    Was tagged by tracemyacceptance for this one, enjoy!

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    • Name: Katherine (my given name is, Eric, for those who are curious)
    • Nickname: Kat
    • Birthday: January 14th
    • Gender: Fuzzy.  Definitely not male.  Trans.  Feminine.
    • Sexuality: Queer.  I tend to be pretty picky and slightly random in my attractions but can be attracted to people of all genders.  I skew towards preferring women, but am not exclusive there.
    • Height: 5’9”
    • Time zone: Central Time
    • What time and date is it there: Aug 27th 2014, 11:03 a.m.
    • OTPs: Navyy and I play a lot of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and I am all about two pairings - Nephenee and Heather & Elincia and Lucia.  If you know the game you will understand!
    • The last thing I Googled was: Like Tracy, I just had to Google what “OTP” meant.  I had no clue.
    • First word that comes to mind: marklar
    • What I last said to a family member: ”I will not take it personally, I know he is busy.”  Said to Navyy as I was leaving this morning.  We were trying to get Minky to say goodbye to me, but he was too engrossed in a book.
    • One place that makes me happy and why: Chicago.  We visit it every year, and every year we have a great time!
    • How many blankets I sleep under: Right now, only one.  When winter rolls around, a bunch.
    • Favourite beverage: Beer.
    • The last movie i watched in the cinema was: X-Men: Days of Future Past.  It was okay, but mostly it was fun to go see a movie with Navyy and not have the kid in tow.
    • Three things I can’t live without: Navyy, Minky, the internet (I am soooo pathetically addicted).
    • Something I plan on learning: I am always learning.  I am pretty voracious when it comes to knowledge.  That said, I am still learning how to be kind to myself.
    • A piece of advice for all my followers: Be yourself, love your flaws, and treat the world with compassion and humanity.
    • You have to listen to this song: This has been high on my list this year.
    • My blog(s): This is it!

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  2. That is a First

    I showered for the first time in our new house.

    No, really.  I just pretty much exclusively take baths.  But with my pulled back muscle I figured that it would be a real pain to get in and out of the tub (especially with a “helpful” toddler in tow).  Minky apparently did not approve of the decision, because I confined him to the bathroom with me while I showered and heard a steady stream of fussing and calls of “dinosaur” (there was a dinosaur book he really wanted me to read).  He survived, and I read him the book after I got dressed.  

    My back still hurts, definitely, but even with an awkward/interrupted night of sleep I am still feeling relatively rested and in a pretty good mood.  Today is my first Friday of the week, since I have tomorrow off (hopefully we can avoid too much rain for our planned trip to the state fair), and then I get another Friday (you know, on the actual Friday) before enjoying the long weekend.  Woot!  Plus a coworker brought in extra honeydew melon to share (the best!), and I got a laugh out of this article on pregnancy faking pandas (there is a reason you guys are going extinct)!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!


  3. What are those green paper lantern looking ones?

    Those would be tomatillos!  They are awesome.  Great for sauces, and Minky actually loves to eat them raw.


  4. Anonymous said: do you have a partner? and have they been with you prior to transitioning?

    You bet!  My partner (Navyy) and I have been together since we started dating in high school, we got married in 2010, and had Minky together (he was born in December 2012).  Navyy started dating me while I was still very much in the closet and so had no idea when we first were together.  It has been a bit of a journey for both of us, but we are still very happily together.  And to clarify, I am not/nor have I “transitioned” in any traditional sense.  Right now I am still living very much in a fuzzy middle space back and forth between two gender presentations.  I present male at work, and in some other spaces, but prefer to present female and spend a fair bit of time outside of work that way and/or somewhere in between.  While I will not rule out the possibility of a transition (social or medical) it is just not something I have seen as necessary quite yet and so I will continue to live my life like this until I feel a compelling need to make a change.


  5. Anonymous said: can i ask if you are FTM or MTF? when did you realize? or did you always just feel it?

    I am male to female (MtF), though do not really frequently use that terminology since I am not actively in the process of transitioning.  Mostly I just identify as just trans.

    I have talked about it a little bit before, but basically I can first pinpoint gender questions/trans feelings to around age 10.  Before that point I really do not know that I strongly identified as any particular gender, but when I hit that age (not surprisingly corresponding to the earliest stages of puberty) things started to change.  There are trans people that know from as early as they can remember, but plenty who do not realize it until much later in life, it varies greatly and in my mind neither is “better” or more correct.  We all have various paths to self-discovery.


  6. Navyy, Minky, and I picked a couple tomatoes today at the garden…and by a couple I mean an assload.  Now enjoying a Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine and being immature with vegetables…

    No, you were the person pretending that eggplant was a penis.  I am sooooo mature sometimes.