1. So today we had a full day of cousin action.  A couple highlights:

    • I set up some drums and cymbals back in the Minky’s room.  Some might call this foolish but all three boys had a great time banging on them and nobody ended up crying or injured.  The 3 boys to 4 drums/cymbals/drumsticks ratio seemed just about right.
    • While I was at work Navyy was going to take the Minky out to the motel where B&L are staying to swim with them.  But apparently just as they were getting ready to go they got a call saying that B jumped into the hot tub after their younger one walked directly into it on accident.  Everyone made it out alive, though B’s ankle/leg took a bit of a beating.
    • The Minky refused to drink out of bottles a couple times today, instead preferring his straw cup.  This is good in that he is doing quite well with the straw cup and seems to enjoy eating his solids, but it definitely will make feeding time much longer again.  The little guy is pretty slow with the straw but can slam a bottle in no time.  The good news is he still took a full bottle before bed with no complaints, so maybe it was/is just a daytime thing.
    • We might have honed in on our new nap times (finally) after the time change.  It is looking to be one nap from like 8:30-10 and then another around 2 which could be an hour or two depending.  Fingers crossed that this is a workable schedule.
    • The Minky ate all but one piece of a banana for snack, solid.  And that was followed up with sweet potato, turkey, and brussel sprouts at dinner (not too mention a good helping of goldfish crackers).  

    Tomorrow should be pretty fun too since we get to spend the full day again with everybody before they head up Sunday.

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