1. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day which means a day off from work for me, like many, but also a time to reflect on his legacy.  Videos of his speeches, reflections on his calls for equality, his commitment to non-violence will all be shared around today.  That is fantastic.  They are all deserving topics to think about and reflect on.  But I wanted to share a little piece that many people may be less familiar with, but seems all the more relevant given the recent discussion of NSA surveillance in the US - the FBI’s campaign against him.  Amongst some of these actions was an anonymous letter along with an alleged audio sex tape from the FBI, sent with the clear implication that King should kill himself.

    While King’s reputation and importance may be widely recognized now this holiday has only be officially observed in the US for 28 years, and the US still work to be done before we are a truly equal nation.

  1. electradaddy said: I remember the fight it took to get this day recognized.
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